When Kettlebells Meet Cardio: Turn up the Fat Burner!

08 March 2019

Core strength development not only gives you a firm body but a stronger mind and a more powerful core. What’s better than cardio when it comes to core development?

Well, Cardio + fat burning Kettlebells, that’s what!

Kettlebells are modern-day dumbbells with their weight equally divided so your muscles get that extra bit of workout and flex that dumbbells alone can’t give. However, for most beginners, it just looks like some mini bowling ball, which they have no clue what to do with!

So, if you’re one of them, read on and find out all you need to know:

What are Kettlebell exercises?

Kettlebell exercises are the modern version of dumbbell exercises that are great for cardio, strength building, endurance training and enhancing flexibility. By combining cardio and Kettlebells you get the best duo to develop your core strength and in a time-efficient workout, and boost your fat burner too!

Kettlebells burn fat for women – Is it Possible?

Yes, it is!
It’s not just possible, it’s even more beneficial for enhancing flexibility and core development. A study conducted by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that including Kettlebells can actually double up the results of your cardio sessions.

A 20-30 minute cardio + kettlebell workout can actually burn up to 300 calories plus you’ll be getting yourself into great shape, burning calories AND in such a short amount of time – that’s got to be a bonus!

Most women want to see results – by combining strength and cardio, you firm up quicker, burn fat and improve your stamina too!

Greenleas School Leighton Buzzard – Kettlebell HIIT – Tuesday 7.45pm

BUT you don’t need to be lifting heavy kettlebells to get results – combine a HIIT workout (high intensity interval training – 50 secs on 10 secs rest) with a reasonable weight – like a 4kg, and progress when you are ready. You’ll get brilliant results quickly!

Here are some great exercises to try out:
  1. Swing
    Put both hands on the handle and standing with your feet hip-distance apart, bend your knees and swing the kettlebell swiftly between your legs. Now, straighten your legs and lift the kettlebell up to chin height. Rep: 90 seconds.
    Tip: Bring the kettlebell into momentum using hamstrings and gluteals and not your shoulders.
  2. Fat-burning Cardio
    Hold the bell at your chest with both hands. Jog on the spot, engaging the abs. Raise and lower the bell from chest to ceiling Rep: 50 Seconds
    Tip: You’ll get hot, breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth
  3. Triceps – Great for bingo wings!
    Hold the bell in both hands, with your elbows up, pointing to the ceiling raise and lower your arms to a double count for 30 Seconds
    Tip: feet hip-width apart, nice soft knees and don’t lock your elbows. You’ll be strengthening your core too!
  4. Forward Lunge – Legs & bums!
    Hold the bell by the handle behind you. Lunge forward each side x 10 repeat with a backward lunge and side squats
  5. Bicep Curl
    Keep feet together, kettlebell in right and palm facing you. Step out with the left in lunge, press bell to shin height. Curl the bell up, keep the wrist straight and then retrieve.
    Rep: 30 seconds
    Tip: Engage abs

Check out my YouTube channel I’ve uploaded a few Kettlebells exercise routines plus a “how to get started” video

Kettlebells are sure to add more fun to your regular cardio and other than that, it can also double the effect of your cardio regime, like we said earlier. It’s definitely time to befriend the modern dumbbell and develop your core strength and turn up the fat burner!

Of course, if you find getting started with kettlebells a bit of a challenge, just try out one of the many classes on offer – we’ll have you hooked in no time!

Shenley Brook End School, Milton Keynes – Sunday 9am


*Always check with your doctor before starting a new exercise regime, or significantly changing your current exercise programme.*

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